Queens 90th Birthday Window Display for Robert Dyas

This year marked the Queen's 90th birthday. To mark this occasion many of the retailers in the Royal town of Windsor were asked to create themed window displays. I was asked to come up with a concept that not only reflected the occasion but also what the retailer in question was selling. As Robert Dyas stock many cookery and picnic items, I came up with the theme of a Royal Tea Party, as many people were marking the Queen's birthday by doing just that. The nice thing about this brief was that I had completely free reign for the design. It didn't have to conform to Robert Dyas's brand guidelines as it wasn't promoting them as such, plus it was only appearing in the Windsor branch. The only brand element I used was the colours of purple and cream which were being used all over for the Queen's birthday theme. I kept the styling clean and illustrative and it was really fun to work on. At the end of the celebrations, Windsor and Eton Town Partnership awarded us a Certificate of Excellence for our effort.

Graphic DesignIllustration
Store Artwork Mockups for Review
Final window display designs in-situ (April 2016)
Winning Certificate for Best Window Display
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